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Do you like watching movies for free? if yes then this application is perfect for you to use, download Viu Premium Mod APK via the link that we have provided below.

Hello friends, readers are all back with us on On this occasion we will share a very interesting application that you can use, Viu Premium Mod.

In this day and age, watching movies has become a common entertainment need for everyone. There are many great films from various categories and countries that are not easy for you to watch in a short time.

Some users definitely need a good website and application to keep up with interesting news about the latest films and watch them online.

Therefore, we are here to introduce you to a useful application for you to watch famous films from various countries, including Korean Dramas, Variety Shows, Originals for free that you can use on Android and iOS mobile devices.

You can also watch and download some new films with Indonesian subtitles. In this article, we will give you various information about the application and give you a link to download the Viu Premium application for free.

Come join us if you want to check now!

Viu Premium Mod APK

You have certainly heard of many other well-known movie applications such as Netflix, which contains a lot of movie storage. At present, it has developed in many countries and regions.

But not everyone will choose it because of many limitations in it such as high costs, and difficult policies.

Therefore, the Viu application will later enter the entertainment market in certain countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Turkey.

All of the hottest films and TV shows in these countries that will be available for users to watch anytime and anywhere.

You are never limited when using time and data. You just need a smooth wifi connection to access movies in the very best quality.

Viu Premium Mod APK Features

Viu Premium Mod APK which has been designed by various colorful interfaces and a very elegant layout. The homepage has been divided into several small tabs that are different to be quickly accessed by users. This tab aims to save the movie that you are watching, or your favorite movie.

The veranda is also a place to recommend famous films around the world. If you don’t know what movie you want to watch, then they can recommend what movie is suitable for you based on your search history.

When explained briefly the homepage is the best place for users to choose films for you to watch at your leisure. And the homepage will continue to recommend films that are related to your favorite genre or director that you admire.

All films that are trending in the market or have the most views, then in the next week will soon appear on the homepage for you to follow.

Search for Your Favorite Movies
The search for “Viu” has shown great capabilities and is superior compared to other applications.

As long as you enter the movie you are looking for, the application will immediately display your search results.

Besides entering the movie you want to search, you can also search by the name of the director or actor.

Even this application will also take you directly to the private tab of famous actors and films that you follow throughout their careers.

Search history also functions to help its users find their favorite genre films.

you can immediately write the name of the category in the search history, not just one but several tags. After you specify which tags you want to search, the results you are looking for will come out.

This is a unique and different feature from other applications and this is what makes “Viu” famous.

Performances and Drama
Besides films from various countries, “Viu” will also take you to TV shows from Korea or other Asian countries. Even you can watch it directly without missing any moments from the TV show.

If you are so busy with your work that you don’t have time to watch it live. You can access the TV station and watch more episodes.

Download many favorite films
If you are using Viu Premium, besides you can watch the latest version of the film, you can also download it.

There are general qualities namely HD and SD. They allow you to watch very good quality films.

Apart from that, this will also help you to download movies faster and save your cellphone memory. You can also save the movie to watch later.

Should we use Viu Premium?
The features of this application are certainly very worthy of your use. Lots of people who like it and want to watch and download it.

When using this application, you will also receive a lot of support from the developer.

So, if you like watching movies on your smartphone, you also have to upgrade your account to Viu Premium so that you get the best entertainment experience.

How do you get Viu Premium?
Viu Premium version which you must definitely pay for you to use. You can pay through Google Play to buy premium packages quickly.

But this increase will be difficult for some people because the checkout process is very complicated.

Therefore, we are here to bring the best solution for all of you to get your Viu Premium Android phone.

You only need to download the Viu Premium Mod APK file at the end of this article and then install it to get premium features in it.

How to Install the Application

  • The first step is to first download the APK application on the download button above.
  • Click the folder on the external storage to place the application data file so that it is easy to find.
  • Waiting for the download process up to 100%.
  • Then before you do the app install process, select it on the Android system and first allow “Unknown Sources” on the cellphone you have.
  • Then if the unknown source has been activated, look for the APK folder where you saved the application that you downloaded earlier.
  • Perform the application install process. After the install process is successful, you can use the application and you can access the features contained in the application.

How to Get a Viu Premium Account for Free

The following are some ways for you to watch premium quality Korean dramas for free on your VIU account. Here are the ways you can follow:

The first step
Although the service on the VIU application is a paid function, there is an easy way to get it. Please log out first if you have ever logged into your VIU application account via email in your Google account.

Then you can set up a new email account that has never been registered to register for the first time with the VIU application. Then use the account to enjoy the service, this free service can only last 30 days.

After the time limit has passed, you can skip and repeat using a new account to complete the steps above. In this way besides being free, the latest series of episodes will not disappear.

Second step
There are other methods, including using a Google Play gift card. This step can pay for Korean drama viewers’ bills without spending personal money.

The steps that must be followed are:

  • Register first on the Poinweb website on the Internet.
  • After the website opens, register by clicking on the “Register” button, in the upper-right corner of the website.
  • You can then choose to log in automatically with your Facebook account. Select this makes registration easier.
  • Then you will be asked on the website to enter your personal data correctly.
  • After completing everything, the website sends a confirmation signal to your email.
  • To verify that you are registered as members of Pionweb.
  • If successful, you can open web points as often as possible to get a lot of points which can then be exchanged on Google Play Gift.
  • Then you can watch premium Korean drama on your VIU account for free.

Third step
The third step to getting a free VIU Premium account is to invite as many friends as possible to register on the website. In this way, you can get a few additional points.

This kind of thing is considered beneficial for VIU because it can attract many users to your recommendations. As a reward for marketing hard work, users now get a price for watching dramas for free.

All friends have finished our discussion this time about the application Viu premium Mod APK you can download the application via the link that we have provided above.

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