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Sweet Crossing Snake io Mod APK is the first casual genre game made by the developer Moonton. In this game it has been modified to have unlimited money and unlock all skins.

Who is the Android and iOS game lover who doesn’t know Moonton’s develover? That’s right, the developer of this game is famous for its game, Mobile Legends.

This game was the first made by Moonton with the classic game genre. At first glance, this game is almost similar to the Little Big Snake Mod APK game.

For those who want to be clearer about this game, you can listen to it in the review below.

What is Sweet Crossing Mod APK?

This game, which is commonly called Sweet Crossing: Snake io, is an Android game that has been developed by Moonton, a company that makes Mobile Legends games.

For the first time, Moonton made something different from its game type as a Moba and RPG game developer.

This casual genre game features a simple gameplay in the style of snake games, where you have to eat as much as possible to be the best among the others.

The more points you get, the bigger your character will be.

In the game Sweet Crossing Snake io Mod APK does not use worms as the main character, but uses various adorable characters such as rabbits, penguins and birds.

In order for your character to grow quickly, you have to keep eating foods such as cakes and candies in the game area.

Defeat all opponents by trapping them so that the enemy touches your character and dies. When your opponent dies, it will issue some food that you can eat to raise your character.

The food available in the play area has unique images, such as snacks, cakes, candy, ice cream and others.


We may all be very familiar with the gameplay of snake games. A game where you have to make your character grow bigger by eating targets or defeating other targets along the way.

But in the Sweet Crossing Mod APK game, there are cute pets and cakes, everything is new, not the evil spooky snake.

Players can choose from a wide variety of adorable pets. The loot is colorful and sweet candy.

One thing that makes Sweet Crossing Snake io Mod APK players happy is its smooth and easy movement controls.

There are almost no lags or other performance issues, all you have to do is move yourselves to send your pets hunting for delicious cookies or beat your opponents by having them smash your body.

The defeated enemy will drop a lot of food candy. This is loot that is very attractive for you to get higher scores.

There are many funny characters
As mentioned above, the Sweet Crossing Mod APK character has lots of super cute pets. There are dozens of pets such as little penguins, rabbits and cats.

Everything is designed in a very cute and funny style. In addition, players can choose different colors or skins for each character.

You can see rabbits of different colors, adorable teddy bears, or astronaut penguins. There are many skins and colors to choose from.

In particular, players are also selected based on queues with dishes such as sandwiches, cakes with very cute expressions.

Compete With Online Players
The most interesting feature of this snake game, you have the opportunity to compete with many other players. This game also brings you to play with a wide server to compete with hundreds of opponents around the world.

Check the leaderboard to see where you are and get the best player scores. You can also see the names and flags of other players.

Surely everyone wants to put your name and flag at the top of the rankings. That’s very proud.

There are several ways to get a higher score. In addition to eating regular cakes, players can seek double or triple upgrade items.

And remember that the amount of candy that will fall from defeated enemies will earn you good points. Don’t miss even if it’s by preying on other players.

Gameplay Displays 3D Images
What makes Sweet Crossing Snake io Mod APK so attractive to gamers compared to other snake versions is its cute graphics.

All mascot characters are designed with beautiful 3D animation in colorful space scenes of cream cakes and sweets.

Therefore, sometimes a high score is unnecessary. Just looking at a pet with a cute tail running and jumping is enough to make this game interesting.

Sweet Crossing Snake io Mod APK features

If you want to play the game easily to get the highest score on the scoreboard, you can use the Sweet Crossing Snake io Mod APK version.

In this game it has been modified by a third party which makes the user get unlimited money and can change the skin on his character. The following features include:

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited gems.
  • Unlock all skins.
  • Offline mode.
  • Can’t die.
  • Immune mode

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