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Download Stealth Master Mod APK – is an android game with the additional features of unlimited money which can be said to be one of the simple games and very worth playing.

Speaking of which one game for some people who have often played mobile games must have heard the developer and developer very often, develover this game usually called SayGames.

The game made by SayGames has been very well known including Desert Riders, Johnny Trigger, Car Master 3D, and others. With quite popular to make a simple Android game that we must definitely try the newest game.

Well, then what are the features and gameplay offered by this game? Maybe you all need to read this article? Because we will provide brief information about this game.

Enjoy this hidden and exciting Action game available for your mobile device. Use different ninja tactics to cheat your way through various areas and kill your goals.

Download Stealth Master for Android to improve your sneaking skills and patience to get a murder that is quite perfect

What is Stealth Master Mod APK

As discussed earlier, Stealth Master APK is an android game that has been published and developed by SayGames.

Of course this game has a very characteristic in accordance with SayGames. Well, this game is very light and you can play using several android mobile devices without having to have high specifications.

Immediately, we discuss interesting things that can make us confident enough to play this one game. So before downloading Stealth Master Mod Apk it helps us to listen to it first.

Gameplay and Stealth Master Features

Just like the name Stealth Master APK is indeed an android game that tells the story of a trip to infiltrate.

Here your character must be able to take advantage of situations and conditions to be able to complete each mission in a different level – different. Each level has a difficulty level starting from the lowest and growing to be more difficult.

Not only that, but you will also get equipment and weapons starting from the initial level such as kunai, which can be upgraded with several weapons such as pistols and armor that have extraordinary resistance.

Simple But Addictive
Precisely the simplicity of this game is very addictive for us to play it. When downloading this Stealth Master Mod APK, you will get a very exciting game playing experience.

It does look very repetitive in the beginning – the beginning with a level that is still easy, approaching the top level of the game will certainly be more difficult to make us not going to get past it easily.

Cool Graphics and Animation Effects
This is where the characteristics that have been given by SayGames as develover and publisher of this game.

After you download this, maybe you will get a character that is very similar to Johnny Trigger, with his round head.

When viewed in terms of gameplay it is also considered quite the same as a fairly similar billing rate. Maybe the difference if this Stealth Master game has 3D gameplay with 3 person perspective.

Light Game
One of the other advantages is a lightweight game that you can play on almost all Android devices in general.

If you want to download the Stealth Master Mod Apk game, then it doesn’t need high level specifications like when we install and play heavy games.

For example COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile and others. So you don’t need to worry about the recommended specifications.

Easy Control System
Now, let’s discuss the controls. In fact, there is only one simple way to control this Sneak Master game. Namely press, hold, and drag your fingers across the screen to move your ninja. That’s right, every other action will automatically depend on how close you are to your enemy and target.

Not only that, you can also use power ups and certain abilities, just by standing still. Easy and accessible movements make the game always fun and immersive at all times.

How to play with strategy
You will start playing the Stealth Master game for Android as a basic ninja. He who may not look much, but believe me, his profession is a trained assassination. And, he is really good in what he does.

To begin, you will be taken to the level and will be introduced to your target. This target will be the boss at the end of your stage. You have to make sure they are eliminated without a single vote or protest.

This is a covert operation. Therefore, do not leave witnesses around.

Various prizes
After you eliminate your target, and your entire mission, you will be rewarded with cash. This money you can use for your abilities, even some cosmetic choices.

Customize your ninja with a variety of skin choices. Keep him personal with a different palette and entertaining. There are even some iconic skins, such as Kill Bill, even your Spider-Man style skins are enjoyed.

The graphics aren’t too bad either. With the whole, from the model to the environment in 3D. The model isn’t super detailed, but it’s not the point or theme of the game.

However, it is not meant to be taken too seriously. So, just enjoy HD graphics that are very simple.

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