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Ruang Guru Mod APK – Confused by math, science, social science English exam questions, etc. And the lessons at school also don’t understand.

Don’t despair, now there is an online learning program that can explain all the lessons to you until you really understand them. The program is the Space Teacher app APK.

In this digital age everything can be easier, including educational activities. With advances in technology, we can now learn without having to leave home. We can only teach all school hours using smartphones.

The Teacher’s Room application is the best solution for students from the start. because with this application we can learn anytime, anywhere. Make learning activities more practical and also easy to understand.

This teacher’s room application is free for you who want to download on Android and iOS, you can use this APK Mod version. You can download this online tutoring learning application for free to teach children, ranging from kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools to junior high schools and also all the material they contain.

To get to know and also know the books and also the material they contain, you can use the teacher’s room for free without asking the first question.

The teacher’s room application is a legal application that allows you to read and also study freely. So you don’t need to pay by accessing this application.

The more complex the evolution of time, the easier it is to access something, and also the amount of its use continues to change, the more technological developments until the earth can no longer hold its age, as we know.

What is Ruang Guru Mod APK?

Ruang Guru Mod APK is the largest and most complete online technology application for learning in Indonesia that focuses on e-learning based services that can be used free of charge without pay.

This category has more than 6 million users throughout Indonesia and has also managed more than 150,000 teachers who offer services in more than 100 fields of study.

The teacher’s lounge was created in April 2014 by Adamas Belva Syah Devara and also Muhammad Iman Usman to help all students find different teachers in the online environment.

The Advantages App

The use of the Mod APK teacher’s room application has the advantage that a very comprehensive learning program can be used as private teacher teaching material. However, you cannot access this application by buying from PlayStore. However, administrators only make this program free for you with the APK Mod version.

Why is it free? because you have to install the APK Mod file, the admin will handle the download link below.

Many of the benefits of organizing this program, as well as only understanding learning, and giving this program almost the same type of personal learning. This is certainly very useful for us if we use it and also does not look young or old. This program offers all lessons, there are many other benefits to be gained

Given the current costs of learning, which cost millions of administrators, this price is relatively cheap compared to learning in places where educational material may not be good.

Not only about the reading material taught in the teacher’s lobby, but also about the method of learning, watching videos, practicing questions, personal lessons, examinations, and so forth.


  • There is an animation lesson.
  • You can also watch tens of thousands of animated videos taught by the best teachers. You can also download videos to watch them repeatedly without quota.
  • Practical questions and discussions can increase your understanding through hundreds of thousands of practical questions and also discussions at various levels of difficulty. Your comments will be published soon, and so will the debate.
  • A summary of all the interesting content visually and can also be downloaded as learning material.
  • Workspaces are also available on the desktop, so you can access them without using an Android smartphone.
  • There are questions and answers for you to use as study material.
  • you can also ask for lessons in other teachers’ rooms or answer their questions for lots of gold
  • Pop-ups for private stores. Now you can also buy various study materials, from notebooks to stimulants and also data at very affordable prices.

In addition to the features mentioned above, another benefit of this application is that you can interact with live chat. You can ask questions about material that you don’t understand or discuss questions that you don’t understand.

How to install

After you download the application with the download link above, follow the steps below to install it on your Android device:

First, look for the settings menu on your Android device, then look for the security submenu. Immediately look for an unknown source button then click the download button.

  • The first step is to first download the APK application on the download button above.
  • Choose a folder on the external storage to place the application data files easily found.
  • Waiting for the download process up to 100%.
  • Next, before installing the application, select on the Android system and allow “Unknown Sources” on your Android phone.
  • Furthermore, if the source is unknown you have activated, look for the APK folder where you save the application that you downloaded earlier.
  • Perform the application install process.
  • After the installation process is successful, you can use the application and you can access the features contained in the application

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