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Download Nerf Epic Pranks Mod APK – Arcade game with modified features unlock all (skin, guns, character) for free android latest version 2020.

Hi hippo friend! Meet us again who always provides the best and most popular games and applications of all time.

We also always provide the latest Mod APK version that you can play on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

On this occasion we will explain the game that is more popular in 2020, the game Nerf Epic Pranks APK. If you want to understand more about this game you can see the reviews below.

Nerf Epic Pranks Mod APK

Nerf Epic Pranks Mod APK is the latest mobile game game from Homa Games that offers fun-based Nerf Battle and Prankster games for you to play with your friends.

This game is an arcade game, your job in playing this game is to shoot everyone with your nerf gun before they catch you.

So, take your fantastic blaster and dive into this exciting world of combat. There are many different explosions to collect, and you can adjust your character to stand out from the crowd.

Unlock all costumes and blasters in this well-developed little game.

By offering exciting games, Nerf Epic Pranks APK is an entertaining game with lots of cool features. Because this is still quite new, the developers have announced that there will be more updates for the game, with more blasters and costumes to update.

In this game there aren’t too many ads and the images look good on mobile devices. This game works very smoothly and has good screen control. So you can try this game and download Nerf Epic Pranks Mod APK now.

Game Play The Games

In this game has a very good display because it supports a full HD 3D screen display which makes this game more interesting. Here is the game play in the game:

Game play with the best display
If you play this game, this game is still at an early stage in the game cycle but there are still many features in various settings.

You can create fantastic characters and use powerful and entertaining nerf weapons with many legendary models to choose from.

This game also has an amazing control system because you can open more items to play while fighting against the computer and against real enemy opponents!

With some puzzle elements, sometimes if you play this game you must have good hiding tricks.

Fun game
This game is a really fun game, and has games with good games. if you play this game you have to control cute little characters who create chaos in some areas of the game.

If you shoot nerf arrows behind your enemy make sure to shoot only when they can’t see you! Stay hidden and invisible to reach the next level with full points.

The graphics in this game are very good and function well on mobile devices. Each level gives you updates.

Improve your characters and blasters
One of the best features of Nerf Epic Pranks APK is the fact that you can improve your character and unlock many new things. You can also get fun costumes like hats, shoes and more.

Earn with full points and work to unlock new blasters and dances to celebrate your victory at the end of each mission. Each blaster has a unique shot and can certainly be useful for this more difficult level as you progress through the game.

Lots of different blasting to play
Do you like nerf weapons and build a fun weapons collection? There are all kinds of fun in this game, starting from the one shot that you start with the three blast weapons that you unlock after completing the initial stages.

Easy to unlock. You just have to keep playing. Initially, your opponents won’t even try to defeat you with your own nerf arrows, but over time, they will shoot back. Fast reactions and good goals are needed to complete levels with full points!

Fun little mini games to win more prizes, when you unlock the blasters by playing, you can also participate in some fun mini-games that can help you unlock more.

Take for example, the price spinner wheel, which means you have to shoot your arrows at the right time to get the best prize. This can be a new outfit, a new blaster, or a fun new dance at the end of the level to celebrate your skills.

Different play area.
In this game has a lot of play areas, if you become a good nerf blaster, you can move from home to the road and other fun places.

Your character moves on the map and takes the perfect photo blaster. It’s like having a pleasant space when someone plays war shots and plays other games.

Can you defeat all your enemies with nerf arrows before they see you? Most characters will not shoot, but after a while you will find another nerf dart blaster who wants to try shooting you.

Collect points
The best way to get the most points in each round is to be patient with your shots. Each character has a line of sight, which is indicated by a large red arrow.

If the enemy’s opponent sees you, the level will not pass. Even though you might want to shoot all the nerf arrows in it, you must wait for the perfect shot opportunity!

They usually rotate in a circle, making navigation easy if you only look closely. Find out with your fully updated blaster to become a really annoying nerd joke!

Use good face shields to withstand all attacks from your enemies.

Nerf Epic Pranks Mod APK Features

In this game it has been modified to get all the features to be open (unlock all), Here are the latest modification features of Nerf Epic Pranks Mod APK that you can use:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked skin.
  • Unlocked all characters
  • Unlocked all weapons (Open all types of weapons)
  • Unlocked legendary
  • Free download (Free to download)
  • No ads (No annoying ads)
  • Bug fixes.

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