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Ivive APK is an application that can generate 75 thousand currency and can sing the song Indonesia Raya for Android and iOS smartphones.

You must have previously known that Bank Indonesia issued a new 75,000 Rupiah denomination in August, to be precise on August 17.

However, the 75 thousand note is different, where you can scan the money through the application and can sound the song Indonesia Raya.

For those of you who want to know how to produce the sound of the Indonesia Raya song, you can listen to the review that we will share this time because we will explain how and what applications you can use.

Application Ivive

The Ivive APK application is an augmented reality revouser tool application platform that can turn images on objects into real ones.

The revolutionary thing here is that you can change the image that focuses on the screen of your cellphone with the camera using the Ivive application with video animation to 3D which is sometimes accompanied by sound too.

This intuitive application uses augmented reality to create new dimensions and present animations in an animated form. And what you need to know about Ivive APK is an application created or developed by Artitive as its official website.

So, this application can be used to scan anything and make the object become real. As is currently viral, 75 thousand Rupiah can sing the song Indonesia Raya.

You can scan the denomination of the currency and the image of the 75 thousand currency will produce a sound and video of the song Indonesia Raya.

How to use the Ivive APK

This app can recognize images that have previously been set on the official website of this developer. After everything is successful, then let’s do AR on the object of your choice.

You only need to scan the object image so that the animation and video appear automatically according to the predefined settings.

So not only can you generate 75,000 thousand in currency for singing, but you can also use any object to produce animations that produce video and sound.

There are a lot of video tutorials when using the Ivive APK application, so it will display a video of the Indonesia Raya song. For those of you who are still confused about using this application, here are the steps you can take:

  • The first step, prepare 75,000 Rupiah in currency first.
  • Next, place the money on a table or other board.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the Ivive APK application on your Android device.
  • Then open the Ivive application and instruct it to scan 75,000 thousand on the camera.
  • Then the video of the Indonesia Raya national anthem will appear automatically.
  • To stop playing the national anthem of Indonesia Raya, it’s very easy to switch your device from the 75,000 thousand banknotes to the other direction. Then the video will stop and disappear automatically.

The Ivive APK application is actually quite difficult in terms of making augmented reality itself, because you have to scan objects with a camera that must be clearer so that it can be read by the system.

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