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Download Happy Pet Story Mod APK – Unlimited money and diamond new version 2020 for android complete with the latest cheat and tips versions.

Hi, friend Hippo! Meet again with us the Filehippo.co.id website which always gives you the best and most popular games and applications. Our website also always provides the latest Mod APK version.

In this APK Mod version, the games and applications that you use will get additional modification features such as unlimited diamonds.

Well on this occasion we will discuss about the virtual SIM game that is more popular today, the game Happy Pet Story. These games are very popular because they have exciting games.

For more details about this game you can see the reviews below, to find out what the game Happy Pet Story Mod APK and what are the features contained in the game and how to play the game.

Happy Pet Story APK

Happy Pet Story is a virtual 2D animal SIM video simulation game for the android and iOS mobile platforms developed by develover Happy Labs.

In this pet game with virtual 2D graphics, game players can create unique avatars like you can give body color, head shape, eyes, eyelashes, nose, ears, and mouth.

In addition, players can also wear various costumes and jewelry. However, to change costumes and avatars using jewelry above, you need to buy it first.

At the beginning of this virtual 2D pet game, the modified avatar will be in a village where there are various types of villagers who live in cute animal shapes.

Game players will be introduced by the Mayor named Mojo, Barnie Hairdresser, tire salesman, and maybe you can also invite other players.

As the most exclusive feature of this virtual game is the game players can decorate the house such as giving it color, buying furniture, and more.

Therefore, for players who want to get money (money) and diamonds (diamonds) for free without collecting them first, you can download a modified version of the game Happy Story Story Mod APK Game (MOD) contained in this article.

Happy Pet Story Mod APK Features

In this game has very interesting features for the players who play the game, in this APK Mod version you will get unlimited money. The following superior features contained in the game Happy Pet Story Mod APK as follows:

  • Unlimited money & diamond (unlimited gold coins and diamonds).
  • You can adjust the color of the body, head, eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and ear shape.
  • Unlock all features (all costumes and special caps are unlocked).
  • You can decorate your own house and furniture.
  • In this game you can add your friends to join playing with you.
  • In this game you will get all groceries and goods for free.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Latest version update (New version).
  • Easy, intuitive and direct gameplay.
  • Distinctive art and fashion modes that are immersive, charming and funny.
  • There are a variety of 200 distinctive clothing, 300 furniture and decorations and 200 customizations.
  • There is a leaderboard!
  • Can be played online and offline.
  • This game can be accessed in English and Indonesian.

Game Play The Game

In this game has the best game play that makes users of this game will not be bored to play because this game also has its own challenges. Here is the gameplay in the game:

Customize your avatars
At the beginning of the game Happy Pet Story APK, players can change the avatar according to your wishes by giving color to the body and others.

Decorating your house
Players can also modify the house such as wall and floor decorations, and install various home furniture in the form of televisions, sofas, wardrobes, wall clocks and photos.

Buy more than one avatar costume
Besides being able to change the shape of the avatar, this game player can also buy various types of costumes at different prices in the game such as clothes and hats.

Socialize with villagers or other players.
In this game the player will live in a village full of residents. Therefore, players must contact this occupant and you can also invite other players.

Build the perfect dream city
The player’s job is to care for and care for the pets that you make in the game. You can adjust the color and appearance of the pet.

Don’t forget to name your animals! Take care of beautiful animals and play mini-games with him. This game consists of hundreds of items that you can collect, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of funny costumes. You can also choose between fashion accessories.

Take a walk and find super cute and colorful shops. you can also relax in the cafeteria. Invite your friends to visit your city and show them your design and creative talent.

Cultivate affection for friends and interact with your neighbors through pleasant conversations. Don’t forget to help them with their daily tasks to get attractive prizes.

Happy Pet Story APK can be played offline. There are also hundreds of items to collect. Don’t forget to invite your friends to visit your city. You can show them your superior home decorating skills.

Tips for Playing Happy Pet Stoy APK

Perform common tasks:
Click on pet avatars to see the assignments they have to complete. You can accept or reject assignments. When you complete the mission, you will have the option to accept XP, clover, decorations and costumes.

Click on the gift box icon to receive a gift. You can receive up to 2 missions from each city and 1 mission from the largest.

Types of thematic missions based on themes
There are two types of themed search missions: fashion and home. The fashion mission requires that you change your pet’s clothing into a fashion theme. Players can also decorate the main room depending on the theme.

Points to decorate the house
Starting points are used to rank players in the Happy Homes ranking. The more local points, the greater the chance to be at the top. For more starting points, put a lot of furniture in the pet room. If you place items in the set, you will also receive bonus points.

Activities in the city
You need to use money to see the fish album in the “Fish of the Hour” section. This means you can observe various types of fish at certain times. Each season also has its own type of fish. You will receive a special fishing prize.

Harvest valuable plants and experiment with trees to progress through the game. You can move agricultural land. The package planted is not locked based on the player level, but there is a level where release is no longer possible.

Play with balloons: destroy balloons to score goals. Sometimes, random sets and furniture fall from a balloon to the floor, you can pick them up.

How to win diamonds and gold coins for free
Sometimes you can get diamonds just by chatting randomly with neighbors or tapping Critter monsters.

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