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Download GB Whatsapp Pro APK complete the latest version 2020 and the old version (Official Anti Banned) free for Android and iOS devices.

GBWhatsapp or GB WA is an application that allows you to be able to change the look of your Whatsapp to be more interesting, this application has many excellent features that you can use and is very easy to use.

The WhatsApp application is currently one of the most popular social networking applications. Besides the fact that the WA application can be used free of charge and there are no advertisements.

However, some people or you must be bored with the classic look. Therefore we will provide a download link for the GBwhatsapp APK application to change the look of your original WA theme.

What is GBWhatsapp APK?

The WhatsApp application is a messaging application that has been around for a long time to meet the needs of mobile users who communicate to send text messages.

As this technology develops, many WhatsApp features have been updated. However, there are still many requests to add features contained in the WA application.

Therefore Develover developers create a special application called GB Whatsapp. This application is a modified version made with many of its best features.

Because when you can make voice and video calls. Of course, with this application now you can easily share documents with various file extensions, such as photo and video media, ZIP, PDF, Word, and others.

Apart from these functions, there are many other functions that you can use in the GB WA application. With broader features, it is not surprising that this application will soon become the most widely used application for users of Android and iOS-based mobile devices.

Currently, there are also many modified WhatsApps that add additional functions that do not belong to the standard WhatsApp Play Store. One of Whatsapp Mod APK which is very popular and has been modified by creative hands.

The GBWhatsapp application for the installation process is not difficult, it does not require root access or other conditions.

GBWhatsapp APK Pro is an application that allows you to change the look of your original WhatsApp to be cooler. Actually, many other applications do the same thing as they do, but using this application is considered better than using other applications.

This application is free from banned, because the application developer is actively always updating to ensure the comfort of its users. So don’t worry, your WhatsApp will be more interesting by changing cool themes.

Features of the GBWhatsapp APK Pro app

In the GB WA application has several advantages compared to the original application. The following features are included in the latest GBwhastapp APK application:

Can Change Themes
If you use the GBWA application you can change the theme as you like with the look you like. By changing the theme you like, you will not be bored when using the Whatsapp application.

Automatic Reply Function
When you are busy, you can configure automatic replies to incoming chats in WhatsApp messages to reply to one of your friends at any time.

You can also configure the auto-reply chat content with your voice words and there is a delay to send an automatic message in seconds.

Increase Video Status Duration
If you use the original WhatsApp, you can only load video status for about 30 seconds. However, in this application you can extend your video status up to 60 seconds.

Hiding Online Status
The privacy feature added to WhatsApp GB is that you can hide your online status. If you are currently open or active on WhatsApp, your friends will not know that you are online.

This feature is quite helpful if you want to open the WA application but don’t want any of your friends to know if you are online.

DND Silent
Disabling your WhatsApp can be done with the silent DND feature. If you activate it, then your WhatsApp cannot send messages or receive messages.

Download the Status of Others
In this application you can also take the status of your friends and you can share again in your own WhatsApp status.

Deleting a Message That Has Been Sent
You must be confused if you send the wrong chat message and want to delete the message, now this application has a feature that can delete messages that have been sent. So you don’t worry anymore if you send the wrong message to someone else.

Hide the Blue Check Icon and Check One
Do you want to hide the checklist icon or the sent sign contained in the WA application?

Take it easy, this application is made specifically to be able to hide your blue check icon, so your friends do not know if you are writing a message.

Filter Message
WhatsApp GB APK is formulated with a message filter feature, through which users can delete chats to also filter their messages.

Set Message Notifications
With this application you can also be notified when someone from your contact list changes their profile picture.

With this application you can also select all chats simultaneously on the home screen.

Change the Writing Font
Are you bored with old fonts? With this function, you can choose the font you want. Customize your favorite fonts to make it easier for you to use the GBWA application.

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