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Download F1 Manager Mod APK (offline) unlimited money & bucks the latest version 2020 free for Android and iOS. Formula One racing strategy game.

Racing has indeed become an integral part of our culture from the cars created. Nowadays, car games are everywhere thanks to the early success of games such as the Need for Speed ​​game.

However, many games have been made with this genre so that demand continues to increase. If you are fans of racing games, then you will definitely like this game.

F1 Manager APK is a racing game that has been developed by Hutch Games. This game has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store now.

But this is not just a normal racing game. Here, you will become the managers of your own F1 racing team! Create a team then compete with other players in a 1 vs 1 real-time race.

Recruit and train F1 racers in real life. And collect fast cars and then adjust yours, but most importantly, you need to create tactical management strategies. Read on to find out more.

Review F1 Manager Mod APK

Racing games are always popular not only in the mobile game industry, but overall, thanks to popular and classic games such as the Need for Speed ​​series.

Now, there are lots of racing games on the cellular market waiting for you. If you are a fan of racing, then you will like this game.

F1 Manager Game is a racing game that has been developed by Hutch Games. This game has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store now.

But this game is not your typical racing game where you drive a car. In this game you will be responsible for the operation. You will manage the F1 racer team and try to win the tournament.

F1 Manager Mod APK Features

F1 Manager APK Mod is a unique racing game because it allows you to become an F1 racing team manager. In this game you can also, buy a new car, rent a new driver and much more in this cool game! Here are the F1 Manager Mod APK features:

Unique gameplay
This typical racing car game involves players who race towards the goal. But in this game, you can manage your own F1 racing team. In this case, you will not be behind a race car. Vice versa, you will manage your team from outside the field.

Make very important management decisions, then collect car components, hire F1 racers, and race against other players, win prizes and then participate in the event.

Everything in this game is something that you will not experience in normal racing games. But you have to make the right decision to win.

Make your own team
In this game, you can make the best F1 racing team. This means you have to recruit original F1 racers from around the world. Train them first as quickly as possible so they can win the race.

Think of yourself as the coach, head of management and ultimate racer. You need to do many things just to manage your team.

Duel 1 VS 1
You can also duel with other players with real time 1 vs 1. This will make your drivers grow and become faster. This will also allow you to get prizes.

And you can also participate in tournaments and events to win epic prizes. But you also need to make a split second decision every time and it’s not easy.

Cars vary
F1 Manager is also equipped with a ton of cool F1 racing cars for you to collect. Collect car components and develop your own racing car. You can also update existing ones to make it faster.

HD graphics
F1 Manager Mod has an epic 2D graphics feature that will make you salivate. In this game, you cannot race in the game but you can see the action all with glory. This means you can see all the different statistics and racing angles.

Become a famous racer
When you are playing this game you will have the opportunity to meet your idols, famous F1 racers around the world such as Sebastian vattel from Redd Bull, Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes racing team, Fernando Alonso from Renault or Michael Schumacher from Ferrari.

They are all top racers. In fact, at the beginning of the game, you will have a team of young drivers who are starting their careers. They are not as famous as the names we have mentioned above, but they also have great talent and skills.

Train them, by participating in many tournaments to help them gain experience and improve statistics. After having lots of money, you can consider firing the old racer and signing a new star.

Unlock and upgrade the car
F1 Manager game games also already offer the latest F1 models such as McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari and many others. Everything has been designed like a prototype in real life. Not only that, but you can also improve vehicle parts such as engines and tires.

Beat other players
When you play Online mode, you can join other players around the world. Defeat them then increase your ranking. At the end of the season, you will receive many prizes based on your rank. Don’t forget to learn the tactics of top players, maybe it will be useful for your team.

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