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Download Dragon Mania Legends Simulator Dragon Mod APK – Offline Unlimited Coins and Gems Game Latest Version 2020 For Android.

Hi, friend Hippo! Meet again with us Filehippo.co.id which always gives you the best and most popular games and applications today.

On this occasion we will give you the newest and best game, the Dragon Mania Legends game. These games are very fun for you to play with your friends.

Now in this article we give you the modified version of the game, Dragon Mania Legends Simulator Dragon Mod APK. In this APK Mod game version will give you unlimited gems and coins with no limits.

Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK

Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK is a three-dimensional simulation game that has been converted into an animated simulator game for the Android and iOS platforms and developed by Develover Gameloft.

In this game you have to choose different types of dragons with different strength elements such as elements of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, metal, natural, dark and light.

And every dragon animal has a variety of different passive and active abilities. Therefore, you must know the basic weaknesses and strengths, the relationship between one element and another.

You also have to build a house for dragons, according to the elements of the dragon. Initially, each house can only be placed by 2 dragons, but you can upgrade the house so that you can place up to 4 dragons at once.

To get a dragon, you have to plant berries that feed your dragon by building a farm so you can develop the dragon you have and become an adult dragon at max level.

Dragon Mania Legends is a game that can only be accessed through an internet connection. Therefore, there is also a multiplayer mode in this game where you can fight with friends and other players.

Therefore, the basic concepts of the game from the legend of Dragon Mania are very similar to the game concept of the game Dragon City, but there are some differences between the two, namely in this game must manually control the active ability. when you are in the game.

Game Play The Game Mod APK

In this game play Dragon Mania Legends there are several game modes that you can play for free.

The gameplay modes of the game are Arena Battle, Tournament, VS Players and Adventures. In addition to Dragon Mania Legends, various events are often held in the game, including Halloween, Christmas, weekends, and so on, so that players can receive a variety of attractive prizes.

Different from other games, Dragon Mania Legends is a simulation game for raising dragon animals. By playing this game, you not only have to offer strategic and management skills, but also fulfill the mission of collecting as many dragons as possible.

This game has hundreds of species or unique dragon species to collect. Each has a different shape, color, and size. They can grow and form a team and then train to defeat the invading enemy forces.

Features of Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK

In the APK Mod game version has superior features such as All unlimited. The following features in the game:

  • Creating habitat on Naga Island
  • This game offers features to build a dragon habitat on the island. This feature takes the form of a large space where dragons prepare to stay alive, grow and develop.
  • Can breed dragon characteristics.
  • This feature is useful for increasing more dragons. For the strongest dragon, it is recommended to breed to give birth to a strong baby dragon. In this way you win the event in the game.
  • Feed the dragon and training functions
  • Feed your dragon to make it bigger and train baby dragons with an interactive experience. This will make them stronger and easier to win the fight. Prepare the dragon to join the fight against the enemy.
  • There are features to collect all types of dragons
  • In this game you can find different types or types of different dragons. There are about fifty types of dragons that you can find. This function is useful for gathering all types of dragons.

The following are for the Mod APK version features:

  • Unlimited gold coins, gems and berries
  • Unlimited energy fight
  • All types of dragons are unlocked (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Nature, Dark, and Light)
  • Unlock all dragon type skills
  • All buildings are unlocked (habitat, animal husbandry, sculpture, etc.)
  • All decorations are unlocked
  • All islands are unlocked

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