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2020.9 9
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Recently, the name of the game Among Us has become viral among the public. To win this game requires sharp instincts, but if you want to win easily, just use the Mod Menu Among Us cheat.

This game already has around 100,000+ downloads on the PlayStore, almost like the phenomenal game Worms Zone Mod APK.

Because this game is quite simple and easy to play, all adults and children play the game Among Us.

If you are curious about this game and how to use the Among Us cheat menu, you can see the reviews below.

Review Game Among Us

Among Us is an action game developed by Innersloth LLC for the Android and iOs platforms which has a very small application size, so this game can be played on all Android smartphones even with a small RAM.

The gameplay that is presented in this action game is very unique and interesting, because in the game there are 10 people who can play it in one room. Each player is a player who will be a randomly selected Crewmatch or Impostor.

The task of the Crewmatch player is to complete various missions or tasks and look for players who have become Impostors. Therefore, the Crewmatch team needs to be careful not to be killed by Impostors and to carry out an investigation if one of the teams dies.

Meanwhile, Impostor players will be divided into 1 to 3 players. The Impostor’s task is to kill all Crewmatch players in various ways, such as sabotaging the entire room so that Impostor can deceive the Crewmatch team.

This Among Us game offers three types of maps, namely The Skeld, Mira HG, Polus and the IAP system such as Pet (pet), character skins and hat accessories that can make the character’s appearance more attractive.

However, this game is very difficult to play, because we are often mistaken for which one is Impostor and which is Crewmatch.

You don’t worry, because we have provided an Among US cheat menu that you can use to become an impostor continuously and get all character skins and pets.

For more details on how to use the Among Us cheat, see the reviews below.

What is Cheat Among Us Mod Menu?

Because the game Among Us became very popular and phenomenal, eventually many made cheats such as the Among US Mod Menu cheat where in the game display there will be a menu option that you can choose to activate.

One of the cheats is the character’s unlocked skin and the unlocked pet, and what’s even more interesting is the cheat to become an impostor continuously.

Actually, this is what makes Among Us Dev overwhelmed by limiting players who use cheats or play cheats.

But what do you want, the problem is using this cheat which is fun to use hehehe because you will always win in the game.

Can you survive the madness of this very fun game? use the Among Us cheat on your Android device to find out if you are ready to face the challenges contained in it.

Among Us Mod APK features

As we have said, there are interesting features that you might be able to use if you use this Mod Menu version which brings you to a different nuance.

Instead of being curious, here is an explanation of what features are found in the Among US Mod Menu APK:

Unlock All Character Skins
There are many choices of skins in this game and to get them you have to buy them using money.

Of course, if you like free ones, you just need to use the Mod Among Us version to get all character skins for free.

Unlock Pet (Pets)
In the Among US game, there is a pet or pet that can be brought when playing, but this pet is quite expensive to get it.

Now if you use the Mod APK version Among Us you can choose the pet as you like for free.

Radar Impostor
You can use one of these Among Us cheats to easily guess who the Impostor is in the game.

Because if you don’t use this cheat, of course you will find it difficult to guess who has become an impostor in the game. You can reveal in the discussion and convince your friends that this person is an impostor.

Always be an impostor
When playing the game Among Us you cannot choose to become an Impostor or Crewmatch, so if you are happy to be an Impostor you can use this cheat (Always Impostor) to become an Impostor continuously.

Wallhack Maps
Wallhack maps are a cheat that you can use to easily find out where your friends are on the plane.

By using this cheat, it will be easy for you to win games continuously.

No Ads
You must be often annoyed when playing Among Us there are annoying advertisements. Moreover, we are told to wait for advertisements that take so long to be issued.

Now the way to solve it is to use the Among Us Mod APK to get rid of annoying ads while playing the game.

God Mode
This cheat is the most powerful cheat in our opinion, because by using the god mode feature when you become an impostor you can easily kill all the players in the game.

In just 1 minute you can kill all your opponents and win the game.

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